You get so much more than a soul singer-songwriter with a smooth voice when it comes to Justin Brown. His classic charm has feel-good vibes that create an atmosphere like no other. “My number one goal in my career is simple. I want to play in the most beautiful places in front of the most amazing people.” Justin has always aimed to make his events a unique and intimate experience. His latest 2020 project, The Bigger Picture, tells a story of how he got to where he is today and where he is heading. 


      Justin’s symbol of the hot air balloon is everywhere. He explained, “I felt that hot air balloons were a perfect representation of life. It has a lot of ups and downs, you don’t have full control of it, and you would only go up with people who matter to you. You should enjoy the ride and appreciate the views in front of you.” It is this ideology that lets him live his life to the fullest and perform with exuberant positive energy. Justin, the oldest of three children, was born in Hempstead, NY. He moved around for a bit until he was ten, where he settled in the suburbs of Freehold, New Jersey. “I remember as a kid meeting with my best friends, trying to learn as many Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men songs as we can.”


     Justin’s musical influences grew over the years. He discovered amazing musicians like John Mayer, D’Angelo, and David Ryan Harris. It inspired him to learn the acoustic guitar. After high school, he started hoping around the Jersey open mic circuit. “It was the greatest education I could’ve gotten. I learned so much. I pretty much played the same song over and over again to gain confidence in front of crowds. I tried to pay close attention to other artists. Learning about different song choices, styles, what worked, and what didn’t.” In 2012, Justin released his first album, Musings of the Soul. It was a melodic album that describes the process of him growing up. “It felt like I was being thrown into adulthood without a proper manual at the time. Most of it was written, produced, and recorded in my friend’s bedroom. We had no clue what we were doing in the beginning. I had so much fun. The process gelled with the theme of the album perfectly.” Justin moved out to California to perform a week later. He also took an apprenticeship to learn about building stringed instruments.


     Justin released his beautifully written EP, The Bigger Picture EP in March of 2020. The album cover, drawn by Jess Oxley, represents everything about the project. “Every song explained the most important conversations I had between my heart and my head. I wanted to write it in 2nd person so people could feel like they were there.” Justin plans on performing at exclusive shows even more in 2021 as his fan base continues to grow.